Digital Pet Portraits

digital cat portraits

I’m now making contemporary style pet portraits on framed ceramic tiles and to build up my portfolio, for a limited time I will be selling them for $15.99, that’s $5 off the regular price, but you need to mention this blog post in order to get the discount.  So if you are looking for an affordable portrait of your dog or cat here’s your chance. Just email a photo to  and it will be ready for you to buy online within 24 hrs. There’s no deposit needed, you don’t pay until you see how it looks.

The digital pet portraits are made in a graphics program, I re-size, re-position and crop your photo in a high resolution file . I remove the background and with the brush and blend tool I add a new bright colored background for a contemporary appearance (you can suggest a background color if you like).  Once I have it looking the way I want I add several filters to get  a painted look.

No need to send a large photo, in most cases as long as it’s not blurred I can work with a low quality photo to give you a beautiful high quality unique kind of custom made pet portrait.


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