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Acrylic Pomeranian Dog Portrait


Acrylic Pomeranian Dog Portrait

Acrylic Pomeranian Dog Portrait

This is an acrylic version of the Pomeranian pet portrait I painted earlier in watercolor As I stated in that post, I’m practicing painting pet portraits in a looser, more contemporary style. These pet portraits, both watercolor and acrylic, are painted in landscape orientation with the pet being cropped along the edges, I think that gives the portrait are more interesting look than what you would normally see in pet portraits.

More info on my pet portraits can be found at


Airedale Terrier Portrait

Airedale Terrier Portrait

Airedale Terrier Portrait

I haven’t posted in quite a while but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been painting. This Airedale Terrier is my latest dog portrait. It was painted in acrylic on canvas board. More info about my pet portraits is available on my website at

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Small Pet Portraits On Mat Board

Gordon Setter portrait

I have some scraps of  mat board and I was curious how an acrylic pet portrait would look painted on it. The paint goes on  much differently than on canvas. With canvas I like to put the paint on thick and heavy, but that just doesn’t work with the mat board, it’s more suitable for thinner acrylic painted in layers or as a transparent wash.

It’s not that visible here but the mat is an ivory color. I have a few more mat scraps left, if anyone wants one made of their pooch or kitty I’ll make the portrait for only $25 shipping included. The mat scraps are approx. 5×7 inches that can be framed unmatted in a 5×7 inch frame (you might need to trim it a bit to fit) or they can be matted in an 8×10 inch mat and put in an 8×10 inch frame.  No deposit needed, I’ll show you the finished portrait, if you like it you can buy it, if you don’t like it you don’t buy it. Interested? Let me know.  Be sure to tell me you are interested in the portraits painted on mat board so as not to get confused with the other types of pet portraits I make.

Framed Cat Portrait

framed cat art

I framed the acrylic cat portrait I wrote about in a previous post to see how it would look matted and framed.  Here’s the snapshot of it, there’s some glare on the glass but you can still see the overall result, I think. It’s a small picture in an 8×10 inch frame. I don’t sell framed pet portraits over the internet because of the fragile nature of  the glass but I do mat the ones that are done on paper. The matting is included in the price. To learn more about the different types of cat and dog portraits I make please visit my website.