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Ceramic Tile Pet Portraits

Here are a few of my latest commissions for digital pet portraits on framed ceramic tiles. These are my best selling type of portraits. If you are interested in ordering a custom portrait of your dog or cat on a framed tile see for more details.

Bichon Frise Portrait

Digital Golden Retriever Portrait

Digital German Shepherd Portrait


Stylized Pug Art

As I was preparing one of my computer dog art for sale on the internet I accidentally changed the background color to match the color of the dog – and I loved the result! This Pug is just one of four I made so far from artwork  made several years ago. You can see it  and the other 3 along with the rest of my computer dog art in my gallery at

Digital Beagle Art

I like making computer art and having an opportunity to sell it through print on demand sites. Recently I made a Beagle with a transparent background so that the customer can customize the background to whatever color they want.  By default I gave it an orange color, but it’s quite easy to change it, on the product page there is “Cusomize It” button that the customer can click which will open up more customizing options including the ability to change background color.



This Beagle computer art is available on other products too such as totebags and trinket boxes with customizable  background color. This my first computer dog art with customizable color and I hope to make some more.

Beagle Art Print

Beagle Art


Not sure if I mentioned this before but I started using a vector graphics program called Inkscape. It is absolutely fantastic as well as powerful. You can make anything from art so realistic that it looks like a photo, to clipart and cartoons, not to mention things like logos and illustrations.

This sad faced beagle is my latest made in Inkscape, it’s the sixth in a series of dog pictures I been making. The rest can be seen at