Airedale Terrier Portrait

Airedale Terrier PortraitOne of my recent pen and ink dog portraits depicting an Airedale Terrier. For information about how to commission a pen and ink pet portrait of your dog or cat see

Framed Dog Portrait

I put this pen and ink pet portrait of a Beagle into a mockup framed to show how it would look framed. The black frame I made from scratch in Inkscape. I also made a brown frame, both are available for free download in a zip file at The mockup frames are transparent png files so you can just slip your artwork underneath if you have a graphics program that supports layers. If you don’t you can just put your art on top and adjust its size so that it fits around the mat.

Pen and Ink Cat Portrait

Pen and ink portrait of a tabby cat in a profile view. Don’t make too many cat portraits so its nice to paint or draw one every now and then. More info on my pet portraits can be found on my website at

Pen and Ink English setter Portrait

English Setter Portrait

5×7 inch pen and ink dog portrait of an English Setter, drawn with a 01 point Micron pen. I’m surprised at the mileage I’m getting from this pen, I’ve probably made around a dozen pictures and the ink still hasn’t run dry.

I bought the pen as part of a set of three to try it out and I like it. The pens are disposable so I don’t have to bother with the messy task of refilling ink. I would prefer a smaller point for finer dots, I think the Micron comes with a point smaller than the 01 so I’ll have to look into that.

For more info on my pen and ink pet portraits check out–ink-pet-portraits.html

Pen and Ink Dachshund Portrait

Pen and Ink Dachshund Portrait

Pen and Ink Dachshund Portrait


My pen and ink pet portraits ae made using a stippling technique common in pen and ink artwork. Anyone interested in commissioning a pen and ink pet portrait or any of the other type of pet portraits I make, please visit my webpage at