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Airedale Terrier Watercolor Art

Airedale Watercolor PortraitWatercolor pet portrait of an Airedale Terrier without a full color background. More details about my pet portraits can be found at


Watercolor Beagle Dog Portrait

watercolor beagle portrait

I’ve been experimenting painting watercolor dog portraits without a fully painted background. If you’re interested in this kind of pet portrait see for more information (I can do cats too).

Watercolor Spaniel Portrait

Springer Spaniel Portrait

English Springer Spaniel Portrait

Watercolor English Springer Spaniel dog portrait without a painted background. Shown here in a mockup brown frame I made in Inkscape. I also made a black frame that can be used to display artwork on the web. You’re welcome to download the frames at and use them for your own art.

Dachshund Watercolor

Dachshund Watercolor Dog Portrait

Watercolor Dog Portrait

This black and tan smooth coated Dachshund watercolor portrait is my attempt at experimenting painting fast and loose with background color that doesn’t go to the edge of the painting.  More info on my pet portraits is available on my pet portrait website

Watercolor Pomeranian Portrait

Pomeranian Dog Portrait

Pomeranian Watercolor Portrait

I’m practicing painting pet portraits in a looser style. The fluffy coat of the Pomeranian lends itself well to a looser paintbrush, at least in my opinion. I’m enjoying painting in this style, it goes faster, and it’s easier to hide mistakes, ha, ha. Hoping to be painting more pet portraits of this type.

More information about my pet portraits can be found at